(Calcium Citrate 1000 mg.,Mangnesium 100 mg.,Zinc 4 mg.&Vitamin D3 200 IU Tab)

Calcium Citrate

  • Possesses absorption rate 2.5 faster than Calcium Carbonate (J Clin Pharmacol.2000:40:1237:12)
  • Promotes bone mineral density ( Dietary supplements 2004)
  • Necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscles and bones.
  • Builds healthy bones.
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


  • Required for protein synthesis and also for DNA and RNA synthesis in body cells.
  • Accelerates the process of healing of wounds.
  • Supports healthy immune system.
  • Supports healthy growth and development of the body during adolescence, childhood and pregnancy.

Vitamin D3

  • A fat soluble vitamin that helps body absorb calcium and phosphorus.
  • Important for building and keeping strong bones.

No Constipation & No GI irritation

Fill Bones with Strength