About Us

Who We Are

RAYON MEDICARE PRIVATE LIMITED is a fast growing pharmaceutical company, dedicated to high-quality, cost effective branded medicines for a healthier world.
Rayon Medicare has wide range of products in the chronic and acute therapy segments with a portfolio of complementary products.

Founded in the year of 2012 as “Rayon Healthcare” and got incorporated in March 2018 as “Rayon Medicare Private Limited”. Since inception, Rayon Medicare is focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing products which are linked to day to day lifestyle related disorders that are chronic in nature and are treated by super specialist and specialist doctors.

Rayon Medicare’s core commitment is towards innovating & improving health care products and adding value to all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.

Our aim is to become most admired company by doctors, patients, employees and all our distribution channel partners.

We are committed to patients and doctors as users of our products; we will strive to do our best at every step of the chain by providing best of the products and services.

Our Mission

"To inspire healthier communities by connecting the dots between people, health products and supplements ."

Our Vision

“To be a leader by providing wellness medicines through quality, innovative and cost effective pharmaceutical products.”

Company Profile

RAYON MEDICARE PRIVATE LIMITED is a fast growing pharmaceutical company, dedicated to high-quality, cost effective branded medicines/healthcare products in India.

Headquartered in Noida, Rayon Medicare’s operations are spread across 6 states in just a sort span of time, with a sales network distributions spanning in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Jammu and Bihar. The company has a state of the art Business Centers at Noida, which is the focal point in servicing its esteemed customer base and aggressively spreading the quality healthcare products across the country step by step.

To strive relentlessly, constantly improve, commitment to excel and get recognized as a focused industry leader in quality  Pharmaceutical products including Various Supplements, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, anti-infectives and antibiotics, respiratory agents, antidiabetics, nutraceuticals, neurological, and many more.

Rayon Medicare helps businesses create value across the entire healthcare product lifecycle — not just by developing cutting-edge medicines, but also by helping make mature products relevant to the well-being of consumers. Pushing the frontiers of healthcare pharmaceutical products is not the only goal we work towards. We exist to re-define progress, prosperity, caring for better health and excellence for society as well as businesses.

We will make ongoing efforts to innovate our products to bring the best clinical practices in health care industry to our customers.