Code of Conduct

Rayon Medicare’s mission is to bring value to patients and customers through its innovative, high-quality products which improve, sustain or restore health. Rayon Medicare strives to be the leader in all of its business activities. In order to achieve this, the highest possible level of professionalism is needed in all of our endeavors. This Code of Conduct is an expression of the professionalism we strive for throughout our businesses, and of the professionalism we expect of our associates.

As an ethically, socially and ecologically responsible organization, Rayon Medicare places a premium on dealing fairly with employees, Business partners, government authorities and the public. Success in its business ventures depends upon maintaining the trust of these essential stakeholders.

This Code of Conduct is fundamental to the task of creating and maintaining such trust.

Rayon Medicare considers this Code of Conduct to be essential in its relations with its employees. It shall form an integral part of the terms of employment of the company. Rayon Medicare will insist on full compliance.

Why a Code of Conduct?

Rayon Medicare has adopted this Code of Conduct in order to describe the standards its employees must meet. The standards are based on: 

  • Ethical and legal behavior.
  • Loyalty to Rayon Medicare.
  • Fair, courteous and respectful treatment of fellow employees.
  • Fair and appropriate consideration of the interests of other stakeholders (customers, other Business partners, government authorities and the public) and of the environment.
  • Professionalism and good business practice.

Acting with Integrity

All employees are expected to follow the law and adhere to high ethical standards.

They should demonstrate social and environmental responsibility, professionalism, and use good business practices in performing their jobs.

Candor, trust and integrity are fundamental Rayon Medicare values which must be respected. Employees should also be familiar with good business practices relevant to their jobs and should implement them conscientiously.

Employees shall use good judgment and common sense in all situations when the requirements of the law or of good business practices appear unclear, employees should seek advice and direction from their supervisors in such situations.

Furthermore, many of these responsibilities are imposed by society and authorities and are particularly important in areas where Rayon Medicare is active.

This Code places them in a general context.


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Conflict of Interest

Business transactions must be conducted with the best interests of Rayon Medicare in mind.

Nobody, whether an individual, a commercial entity, or a company with a relationship to a Rayon Medicare employee, may improperly benefit from Rayon Medicare through his or her relationship with the employee or as a result of the employee’s position in the company. Furthermore, no employee may personally benefit in an improper way.

Situations which may cause conflict between an employee’s responsibilities towards Rayon Medicare and his or her personal interests should be avoided. Nevertheless, a conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof, may occasionally arise. Should such a situation occur, communication between employer and employee is of utmost importance, and the parties concerned shall attempt to resolve the matter in good faith.

Bribes, Business Entertainment, Gifts

No employee may make any payment, or kickback, or offer improper financial advantage to an official of a government or a government-controlled entity for the purpose of obtaining business or other service.

Business entertainment and business gifts to government officials, if permitted, must be in compliance with Rayon Medicare’ general business expense policy and with the rules and regulations of the government agency or legislative body concerned.

Third parties may not be used to circumvent any of the policies mentioned above.

Compliance with the Law

Compliance with the law is an absolute requirement for Rayon Medicare and its employees.

Each employee is expected to be familiar with the law as it applies to his or her job; management is expected to provide necessary instruction and advice.

For example, Rayon Medicare is strongly committed to protecting the environment and to ensuring the health and safety of its employees.

Rayon Medicare expects its employees to protect health, safety and the environment, to obtain all required permits and to operate its facilities in strict accordance with the relevant laws.

Due to the complicated regulatory framework within which Rayon Medicare conducts its business, issues pertaining to compliance with the law may arise.

Use and Protection of Business Assets and Information

Good business practice dictates the careful use and protection of Rayon Medicare business assets.

Information should be protected by keeping them confidential and, if appropriate.

Rayon Medicare employees who receive or learn of confidential business information may not, for non-business purposes, disclose that information to third parties (including friends and family members) or make any other non-business use of such information. Moreover, they should take reasonable measures to otherwise safeguard and protect information.

Handling and dissemination of information is a management task and all employees shall respect the need of Rayon Medicare for professional information management. They shall keep relevant information confidential even if there is no formal secrecy obligation.

Social Responsibility

Rayon Medicare is committed to:
Continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy;

  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all relevant legislation
  • Encouraging our staff to be mindful of the effect of their actions on any natural resource Environment
  • Our objective is to Endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement
  • We do assess production, use and disposal associated with the main goods we use
  • We will take steps to understand how we can most effectively support the needs of the local community and implement initiatives accordingly


Each employee shall receive a copy of this Code of Conduct. It is the duty of management to include the Code of Conduct in employee training programs. Management shall monitor compliance with the Code.